Valves & Stop Valves

Valves and Stop Valves are devices that are particularly designed to help you maintain the flow of liquid by opening, closing or partially obstructing various passageways. Valves help you regulate, direct and control the flow of fluid under high pressure as well as low pressure situations. On the other hand, stop valves are engineered with rubber gasket used to completely shut off the flow, especially in case of emergency.

Faucets Complete bring forth a range of Valves & Stop Valves such as Rough-In Valves, Sloan Flush Valves, Woodford Repair kit, etc. that makes water regulation smoother. You can further choose these valves in terms of type and style for your convenience. Each of the valves is made from durable material and is intended to adjust the rate of water flow in different system. We offer valves from the well-known brands like Woodford, Bobrick and more to suit varied requirements and uses.

Popular types of valves available here are: