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Sloan 111-XL Closet Flush Valve, 1.6 Gpf

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Exposed Flushometer embodies the same quality construction and design that have made Sloan the Flushometer Leader for over a century. The Quiet, Exposed, Diaphragm Type, Chrome Plated Flushometer has the following features: ADA Compliant Metal Oscillating Non-Hold-Open Handle with volume adjustment to ensure water conservation. Low consumption flush accuracy controlled by Para-Flo Technology, Vandal Resistant Stop Cap, Adjustable Tailpiece, Vacuum Breaker flush connection, High Copper/Low Zinc brass castings for de-zincification resistance, and Sweat Solder Adapter Kit and Stamped Flange. Handle Packing, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker to be Molded from PERMEX Rubber Compound for Chloramine Resistance. XL models have additional Vandal Resistant security features. Valve Body, Cover, Tailpiece and Control Stop shall be in conformance with ASTM Alloy Classification for Semi-Red Brass. Valve shall be in compliance to the applicable sections ASSE 1037, ANSI/ASME 112.19.6, and Military Specification V-29193.

Product Features:

  • Flush Valve Type : Closet