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Shallow Well Pumps

Shallow Well Pumps

Shallow Well Pumps are a practical solution for pumping water from shallow wells or reservoirs that go down to up to a depth of 25 feet. Faucets Complete brings forth an extensive collection of best-in-line shallow well pumps to help you build a safe and long-lasting well pump system.

Our reliable and robust shallow well pumps give a strong performance with good pressure for wells no less than 25 ft. deep. They can be used for domestic applications, such as supply of fresh water. These types of well pumps have the advantage of no working parts down the well, which makes them a handy choice for narrow diameter wells. They can be adapted for use in wells of various yields and require little maintenance.

Designed and manufactured in line with the valid safety requirements, our durable machined heavy-duty construction shallow well pumps are made out of rich quality cast iron, thermoplastic, and stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and long life. Our shallow well jet pumps work like a straw by sucking water up the pipes to create a vacuum and utilize the surrounding atmospheric pressure to pump water. They are equipped with a one-way valve that ensures the water isn't pulled from the well back to the source.

Shallow well pumps come in use in an assortment of applications. From supplying water for household to obtaining water from a nearby pond for irrigation purposes, these well pumps come in handy. They can also be a good choice to drain away unwanted water after a heavy rainfall. Explore this section to buy extremely versatile shallow water pumps from renowned brands like Fe Myers, Flotec, Sta-rite, and more.