Pro Line PGC03447 25 Oz. Squeeze Bottle Liquid General Tannin Carpet Spot Remover

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An acid-fortified carpet spot cleaner formulated to attack coffee spots, tannin-based spots, rust, and oxidized organics in carpets and upholstery. Designed for effective spot treatment of carpets, upholstery, and water-safe fabrics. May also be applied to carpet to remove alkaline browning.Product Feature
  • Safe on 5th generation carpet (todays current dye-stable nylon carpeting) and water-safe fabrics
  • Includes a pleasant fragrance to leave the area smelling clean and fresh
  • Ready-to-use formula designed to be applied directly to the affected area
  • Spot treatment designed to remove browning or tannin-based spots
  • For best results, apply directly to affected area, lightly agitate, and blot
  • Do not use as a spray cleaner, due to airborne enzymes risk