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Deep Well Pumps

Deep Well Pumps

Deep well pumps are used for pumping out water from more than 25 feet deep wells that would not be fully utilized with a shallow well pump. We, at Faucets Complete, offer a wide assortment of top-of-the-line deep well pumps in varied configurations and styles to suit your diverse water pumping requirements in the most efficient manner.

A deep well jet pump operates with the combination of two pumping principles – centrifugal pump and that of a nozzle & venturi assembly. The nozzle and venturi are put into an ejector package and put down the well. Two pipes connect the pump to the ejector package, wherein one pipe pulls the water up while the other one pushes the water down for water circulation through the nozzle and venturi. A pressure differential is created by water moving through the nozzle & venturi assembly, which support in bringing the water up to the pump.

Our durable machined, little maintenance deep well pumps boast heavy-duty construction pump body that is built tough enough to get the job done in the most demanding of situations. These types of well pumps can pull water from as deep as 80 ft. to 100 ft. depending upon the model and horsepower.

Designed for long service life and dependable operation, our deep well jet pumps will meet the exact needs of your residential, commercial, institutional, or agricultural application. Explore our product offerings to choose a pick that best serves your requirements!

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