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Know the different types of bathroom sink faucets and vanity lights, and their purpose

Posted by Andy on 30th Dec 2017

Of late, modern bathroom sink faucets have become one of the vital bathroom accessories to make the room look more stylish and attractive. They are available in a range of designs, styles, and finishes. These bathroom taps also come equipped with a variety of features that include touchless function, anti-scald safety, and much more. These features make these faucets make the most sought-after fittings amid many modern-day homeowners for their bathroom sinks.

Choosing the right faucet for your bathroom sink will allow you to reap the real benefits of the accessory according to your needs. This will also make the faucet to work well with the sink.

If the sink in your bathroom has a single hole, then you can consider buying a faucet that comes with a single opening design.

You can also opt for a centerset or a widespread faucet for your three-hole bathroom sink, according to the distance between the holes. If the distance between the holes is four inches, then buying a 4-inch centerset faucet or a 4-inch widespread faucet will work well with your sink. Similarly, you can buy an 8-inch centerset faucet or an 8-inch widespread faucet, if the distance between the holes is eight inches.

Additionally, knowing the types of faucets for your bathroom sink will make your purchase a sensible one. These faucets are available in different types that include:

Single Hole Faucets: If you have a single hole sink in your bathroom, you can choose this type of barroom faucet.

Centerset Faucets: These are the ideal faucets for your three-hole bathroom sink.

Widespread Faucets: These taps are the best ones if the holes in your sink are separated by four inches or eight inches.

Minispread Faucets: These faucets will work well if the holes in your bathroom sink are separated by four inches

Vessel Filler Faucets: when you need a taller faucet for your bathroom sink, you can install this type of faucet.

Wall Mounted Faucets: As the name suggests, if you need to fit a faucet on your bathroom wall, then this is the ideal type of bathroom faucet.

Each type of bathroom sink faucet offers unique benefits and performance.

Similar to faucets, bathroom vanity lights play a vital part in enhancing the charm as well as in using your bathroom space effectively. The notable flexibility of these lights is that you can install them by pointing downwards or upwards. As with the bathroom faucets, choosing the right type of vanity light for your bathroom will offer its real purpose. Some of the different types vanity lights you can buy for your bathroom includes:

Bath bar: You can run this type of vanity light in an upright position on any one of the sides of your bathroom mirror. You can include any number of bulbs according to your lighting needs.

The horizontal vanity light: You can install these lights right on top of your bathroom mirror. You can incorporate two to six bulbs into the light fixture according to your illumination needs.

Bath sconce: This is one of the types of bathroom vanity lights, which allow you to sconce the light fixture with a single bulb to any of the sides of your bathroom mirror.

Buying the right type of bathroom sink faucets as well as vanity lights on will offer you the results you need.