Getting Familiar with the Different Types of Kitchen Faucets

Posted by Andy on 16th Oct 2017

Faucets are amongst the most important kitchen fixtures and hence need to be chosen with great care. Given the wide choice of kitchen faucets available in the market, it is often tempting for the users to invest in the ones that match the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. However, this might also lead the buyers to ignore the actual installation and usage of the faucets. This is because every type of faucet might not work well with the kitchen sink already installed in this extremely important space of their home and this can lead to operational issues with the faucets and the sinks.

In order to avoid any such problems it is advisable for the users to have proper knowledge about the different types of kitchen faucets they can choose from in accordance with their specific needs.

Single Handle Faucets: This is the most basic and often the most cost-effective style of all kitchen faucets. They are extremely easy to install and maintain and the single handle is used to control both the temperature and stream of water. These faucets are most suitable for small sized sinks that are used for effective space utilization in smaller residential and commercial units.

Dual Handle Facets: The installation of dual handled faucets is a relatively complex process as it involves drilling multiple holes in the kitchen sink. However, these faucets offer better temperature and stream control thanks to the presence of two distinct handles. These faucets are most suitable for use with medium sized sinks that are used in average homes and offices.

Faucets with Side Spray: These types of kitchen faucets are known to be compatible with almost all styles of this accessory. However, they are even more complex to install than the dual handle faucets and their operability is also somewhat cumbersome as the users need to keep the handle pressed down for the entire duration for which spraying is required. These faucets are generally preferred only by users who seek a unique style feature in this accessory.

Pull down Faucets: These faucets are generally distinguished by their high arcs as they come down with detachable pull-down sprayers. In case of such faucets, the sprayers can be engaged by simply pulling them straight down rather than twisting the handle. The sprayer is also designed to spray the water straight towards the bottom of the kitchen sink. This type of faucet can prove extremely useful for people who do not like water to be sprayed outside their sinks and also seek a more convenient operational system.

Pull out Faucets: These faucets are designed to ensure maximum convenience and cleanliness for the users. They are equipped with a nozzle which makes it possible for the users to manoeuvre the spry of water to a desired spot within the sink. These faucets come with a longer hose which makes it easier for the users to fill water in the pots by placing them either within the sink itself or even while placing them next to it.