Basic Facts to Consider While Storing Water for Emergencies

Posted by Andy on 30th May 2017

People living in areas that are prone to natural emergencies tend to be always ready for dealing with such situations. As a part of their preparedness, these people often store the basic necessitie … read more

Wellmate Tanks - The Water Storage Option of the Future

Posted by Andy on 15th Apr 2017

Over the past several years there has been a growing awareness about the need for conserving water. In this respect, the water storage tanks have gained much popularity as they help reduce the unne … read more

Wellmate Tanks - Important External Factors to Be Considered

Posted by Andy on 17th Mar 2017

For people living in areas, which are yet to receive proper municipal water connectivity, generally depend on other means to ensure a constant supply of water. While earlier, people in these regions o … read more